Adventures are the best TEACHER | Ladakh-Himalaya |

‘Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’

Ibn Battuta said it right. If you don’t agree , try it once 🙂

Traveling is an adventure and adventure makes you calm, stronger and wise. Well that’s not quoted by Ibn Battuta but if you’ve been through any adventure then you can agree with me. 😉 High Five !

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5 thoughts on “Adventures are the best TEACHER | Ladakh-Himalaya |

  1. Definitely, agree with that quote! Traveling makes you silent at a certain moment and then makes you want to shout it out loud to share what you have been experiencing. Such a great adventure!


  2. Yes I agree! Travelling definitely gives us the best stories throughout our journey! And everyone see things differently that’s what makes travelling so unique because of its diversity of interesting views of other people! It’s definitely the best teacher with great views & food too!

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