Message for passing out college Juniors. 

Hello everyone,

This is a small message to the people who finished their degree and now entered to a different world leaving behind a beautiful set of people and place, MANIT.

Being from MACT/MANIT we guys share a bonding, an awesome bonding of Senior-Junior relationship carried by generation which I haven’t seen in any other institute yet. So I will be honest here. MANIT taught us hell lot of things which we all know, trust me it will help you throughout your life as I have met many seniors from 1st batch itself. You are prepared enough to face the toughest now. Congratulations ! Welcome aboard, you are going to be alumni now.

“Never settle down for less”

Yes, you carry a good potential so don’t get settle for less instead keep working for achieving more. Salary is an illusion, so don’t get tempted for it. Learn as much as you can from your firm/Organisation and prepare for higher studies or UPSC (it’s upto your interest). As I got advices from various alumus and other people I met while traveling, till your 30years of age, ” fight as much you can, be persistent and constant for your goals.” Ups and downs will come and go, you don’t need to be frustrated or discouraged.

“Never ever leave your friends, stay connected”

Everyone is going to get busy now on as 4years of vacation ends here and on that side of college gate, world is going to be bit cruel. Whenever you find it tough, just shout out for help and don’t hesitate. People might say no because of situations but you will get help for sure. These bunch of friends will always be there for you and make sure you too will be there for these crazy friends with whom you have spent lovely college days. Make new friends but don’t ignore them. Put your maximum efforts to be in contact with them.

“Get Inspired and be an inspiration.”

Do whatever you like, follow your hobbies in free time, engage in Social services, make a good network and circle of people who selflessly works for underprivileged. It will help you to become more mentally stronger and energetic during this daily rush and stressful life. We MANITians are known for setting examples so follow the legacy and make solid impacts on others. Naam roshan karo sabka. 🙂

This is it. All the best for future endeavours. Call/text/email me whenever you want. Enjoy !

Varun Namdev (2009-13)

WhatsApp/call @ 9770789087


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