An evening in streets of old city… Bhopal #Photoseries

It starts with lakes

But city have lot more perspectives as well

 Streets has lots of stories to tell . Come and explore through my lens.

Patiyabaazi in Bhopal is an old tradition for socialization.

Old city has it’s own dynamics. It’s full of life.

Street vendors adds different flavors to the taste of this city.

Street food is the key element which keeps city alive.

Diversity in markets and shops fulfill everyone’s needs. Be it a daily or any special requirement.

Even technology is not a challenge and life goes on.

It’s just a glimpse.

Behind the scenes of this photostory

Yesterday, I was leading a small group of begginer and amateur photographers along with Harshit Verma and Mudra Keswani in association with team IG BHOPAL.

Harshit is a Lucknow based full time travel photograher, Mudra Keswani a food blogger from Bhopal and IG BHOPAL is an active group and a community of photograher in Bhopal.

We all came together to collaborate and conducted a photowalk with the theme, Let’s fall in love with Bhopal this valentine. 

I decided to stick with black and white streetscape to document the walk through a photostory. This photowalk was very interesting and went smoothly because of active participation of all participants.

I hope you liked and enjoyed the photo series and your feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism will help to grow forward. Looking forward to your comments 🙂 

For more my past work you can scroll and browse my Facebook page Varun’s Pixography


4 thoughts on “An evening in streets of old city… Bhopal #Photoseries

  1. Amazing bhai..
    Travelling was my childhood dream but now as an artist my thoughts for traveling was only as a vacation. But after following you i learnt Travel is not only relaxing on holidays but it can be daily life routine no matter in what proffesions you are.👍😊 I’m looking forward to meet you again and suck all the positive energy from you like Picasso 😀😀.

    Liked by 1 person

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