Dzukou Valley of wild flowers, Trekker’s Paradise.

Are you also stuck in polluted, noisy and crowded cities?
Do you wanna breath in pure oxygen and wish to drink pure water?
Are you missing the peace and chills ?

If yes, then read it till the end and thank me later ūüėČ

Let me take you to the hidden paradise which exists on the border of Nagaland and Manipur, the two states of North-Eastern India.

Dzukou River bridge

Look ! Liked it? Now keep reading ūüėČ

The place is known as Dzukou valley, which is also called as trekker’s paradise. The word Dz√ľkou¬†is derived from Angami and Mao language, ‘Dzu’ means cold and ‘Kou’ means water, thus it’s cold water valley.

The valley is situated at an altitude of¬†2452 meters above sea level, behind the Japf√ľ Peak located in Nagaland. The two of the most beautiful rivers run through the valley ‚Äď the Dzukou and Japfu streams shaped like serpentine ¬†flows through Dzukou becomes frozen during winter.

Mao legend said that when lovers go to Dziikou the night also turns like day and moonlit shines as of the sun.

Dzukou serpetine

Two rivers Dzukou and Japfu in the serpentine form flows through the valley.

How to reach here?

To get to the Dzukou Valley, you have to reach Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. It is around 74kms from Dimapur which is the only city connected by Indian railways and Airways in Nagaland. You can either hire a private taxi or take a govt. bus to reach Kohima. To enter Kohima you will need the Inner Line Permit.  You have to show it on check post with one valid ID card. For more info about ILP check this link

NOTE- Once you get the ILP, you don’t need to pay any money to Policemen at check-posts.

Kohima LoS

Night view of Kohima city, the capital of Nagaland.


Where and how to start?

There are two starting points for Dzukou valley trek:
 1) Zakhama Village 20kms away from Kohima.
 2) Viswema Village 24kms away from Kohima.

Both points are ideal bases to start your trek to Dzukou valley which have stone staircases leading to the top point. The trail is moderate and steep climbing  stone and pebble track which take 4-6 hours from base to top. Once you reach the top, you have to walk down hill to reach guest house which will take 30-45 mins. Route is full of lush and evergreen rain forest which gives you an enchanting experience in the lap of mother nature.You will walk across the clean trails, crossing the small water streams, inhaling the pure, fresh and rejuvenating air, blissful environment, golden rays of sunlight penetrating from the green tree leaves and enchanting never seen faces of nature will make you feel heavenly and blessed, will leave you awestruck.

Dzukou Trek Water stream-horz

Climb up, turn around, look back and take a deep breath of pure bliss.

Things you will enjoy doing in Dzukou valley ?

Camping here is an amazing experience here. Carrying your tents.
Explore Caves and relax.
Stargazing in the nights.  Milky Way (click on blue link for my Starstruck experience)
Trekking along the trails and water streams.
Roam and Lost in vast natural garden, because it’s piece of heaven on the Earth.

Dzukou camps

Caving and Camping. Fun amid of Dzukou valley.

Other things like….
*Photography (Don’t forget to carry your gears)
*Reading (Carry your favorite books)
*Painting/Sketching ( Yes ! you are in the paradise, Canvas please ? )
*Fishing ( No Way ! Forget it, no fish survives there ūüėõ )

Dzukou Burnt Tree

A bit more beautiful set of information about Dzukou Valley.

The valley is famous for its wide range of flower in every season. The most famous one is the dzuko lily. Untouched by civilization and splendiferous in its beauty, this valley otherwise called the flower valley of celestial charm has an tempting appeal to all who gaze it. In summer, wild herbs, flowers and shrubs sprout along the stream banks. Lilies in white and pink, euphorbias, aconitums and hundreds of other botanical species in varied colors adorn the valley in monsoon.

Dzukou purple lily-horz

Which time of year is good to visit? 

The best time to visit Dzukou Valley is from the month of June to September. At this time the valley is flooded with various stunning and vibrant flowers. All the wild rhododendrons and lilies will be in full bloom during this season. It will be ideal time to explore the beauty of this valley. 

Dzukou Flowers

Panoramic view of Dzukou valley carpeted with white wild flowers.

Except the peak monsoon you can visit the valley any time of the year. In winters that is from November to January it will be too cold and give chills to your soul. Temperature can drops to 4 degree Celsius in nights and maximum 10 degree in the day time . It can be different experience. I am planning to witness this one too. ūüėČ

At the top there is a guest house available for shelter. 2 big dorm rooms and 2 private rooms with separate kitchen. Private room costs Rs.600 to 1000 and Rs.50 per person for Dormitory. Blankets and mattress Rs.50 per piece.

If you are carrying your own food, you can cook or you can order the prepared food at the guest house. Very simple meals available in the menu. Meals can cost you double the price compared to the city. Black tea Rs.20, milk Tea and coffee Rs. 40, Noodles Rs. 60 for one plate and meals Rs.250 per plate. Cooking utensils and firewood also provided by staff at chargeable basis. ( Price may differ according to the season ) 

Dzukou kitchen

Small chit chat session in the kitchen with other trekkers. Friends from the valley. ūüôā

Note : These are really important TIPS for this trek.

– Carry some warm cloths in your day pack.
You can feel the 10-12 degree Celsius of temperature while trekking. 

– Carry your food and snacks in your bag.
No shop and stalls available as the trek is totally remote. Mind it !

Dzukou Party

Picnic in Paradise.

– Carry a hiking pole or bamboo stick with you.
Trek is moderate but steep and slippery because of rain forest. Stick or pole will support you for comfortable hiking.

– Battery pack and power banks.
There is no electricity, neither at route nor in the valley. Gear up accordingly.   

– Carry rain covers and poncho.
If it rains there is no shelter in the valley except caves. Be prepared !

– Do not litter, leave it clean.
Valley is virgin, free from pollution and super clean. So maintain the decorum, trek clean and come clean. Dump your waste in dustbins after coming back to the base. Request !

Dzukou board

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