Star constellation – Big Dipper

“You can enjoy stargazing just by going out and learning a couple constellations with your kids.” – Timothy Ferriss

Stargazing is a hobby and amazing activity for astronomy students, photographers, night crawlers and specially kids. i also love it and like to spend time under the dark sky sometimes alone when i feels low and many times with my camera and tripod. So it’s kind of a therapy for me. 😀
Shooting stars, spotting planets like Mars, Venus etc are the learning and fun part for every children during his childhood. Even for adults it’s fun. Have you been to campfire or night drive outside your city with your friends??? What can be more amazing than stopping your car, pitching your tent in any dark place and gossiping with your friends and the night continues with having fun under the sky full of stars. 😉

I’ve been to Laddakh few months back. Being free from light pollution, the place serves the best night views for the travelers, tourists and locals who like stargazing. It is kind of adventure too, because of it’s high altitude terrains, weather conditions and trekking routes famous globally.
I shot this photograph just after sunset around 6:30 pm. I climbed  up towards Leh monastery situated in Leh. I was enjoying sunset and suddenly i made my mind to compose the monastery itself in the frame with the sunset. So, i moved bit down to the other side of monastery. The trail was so narrow and sloppy that it took twice to my calculated time to reach the desired point. Sun was already set behind the mountains leaving blue dusk and stars. The stars were enough bright and the very famous constellation URSA MAJOR which is generally known as Big dipper was clearly visible. So instead of sunset i got this pretty view. Scroll down and have look on the photograph. share your reviews, experience, thoughts and photographs in the comment section or you can also email me at 🙂
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DSC_8944PSLoSDSC_8944PSLo Big dipper chalkout


My first Starstruck experience. Milkyway during my TravelLust.

“The Milky Way is nothing else but a mass of innumerable stars planted together in clusters.”- 
Galileo Galilei

Milky way which is not visible in cities because of excessive light pollution. I took this shot at north most corner of India.. near Indo-Pak Border in Himalayas, Nubra Valley Leh J&K.
The village ‘Turtuk’ is free from all kind of pollution and partly disconnected from the world. No Electricity, No network and no Internet access. Only generator used for 2-3 hours of electricity supply during evening and dinner time.After dinner, me and Joe Sieder, who was my partner in the crime and my co-traveler went out for a night walk with our Camera and tripod. The sky was showering diamonds over our heads as it was dark and dense. I enjoyed the view for almost one and half hour. Then i decided to take shot after full satisfaction with the view. We both took 10-12 shots. We were too tired because of constant bike driving throughout the day, so we went back to our guest house leaving the stars and dark sky behind.  After reaching to the room, i put down my camera and torch on the floor and lay down on my bed. The room was already dark as there were no electricity supply. Suddenly something happened  to me… Starstruck ! yes and that feeling of starstruck was so intense that after closing my eyes the silvery twinkling milky way and stars were there. I opened my eyes and the view was same, it was like there is no roof and i am laying under stars. God ! it was incredible.

During my childhood i use to count stars with my young brother Arun. We guys use to sleep over the terrace as it was very common electricity cut off to my town. And a thin stream of stars of milky way was easy to spot, but now days having this view in cities is impossible. I always thought of capturing it and finally i did it.

I am not that much good at Processing the Milky way and Astro photographs and i was eager to share it without anymore delay

I hope you guys will enjoy it and try to search about Light Pollution which is very serious issue now.

My first clear shot of Milkyway. Also first experience of starstruck.

My first clear shot of Milkyway. Also first experience of starstruck.