TURTUK, Tiny Paradise in Barren Landscapes of Ladakh

TURTUK, Tiny Paradise in Barren Landscapes of Ladakh


Between the barren mountains, on bank of the Shyok the river of Death.

Turtuk, a less explored part of northern Ladakh, is located at the edge of Shyok river at the altitude of 9,846 feet above the sea level in the barren plateau of Nubra valley. It is the north most village which is 7 kms away from LoC.


Buck wheat farming.

Village Turtuk is situated at lower altitude as compared to other towns of Nubra valley, which makes it land of green lush pasture between the barren mountains. Because of this kind of geographical conditions, locals are totally based on agriculture and farming for their livelihood.

Buck wheat is the main grain and important part of the year long food commodity.


Apricot kept outside for drying.

Apart from Buck wheat, apricots,apples, tomatoes, cauliflowers and cabbages grows in Turtuk seasonally. 

My Co-traveler Joe busy with cabbages.


Three generations together.


Lovely Locals !

One can easily find a different culture here because Turtuk was part of Baltistan, which was captured back by Indian Army in 1971 from Pakistan occupied kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistaan. Locals are very welcoming, warm and open for tourist and happily interact with everyone.

Aged one shares the stories of their era, lived in Pakistani’s controlled govt.


War Memorial near Gorkha Ridge for the martyrs of Indo-Pak War of 1971.



Balti Kids playing in the street.

The villages has beautiful small and narrow streets and architecture inspired from Baltistanis, Afgans and Mughals. The Population is around 3500 with 500 families living in the region.

Balti kids roaming on the road inside the village.


Textured stones and tiny streets are another beautiful and amazing part of Turtuk.

Parents pays special attention for the education. Each and every kid of village attends schools here.
Turtuk Library

Local kid reading a book in small Library of Turtuk.

Girl doing her homework.
Commonly spoken languages are Balti, Urdu and Hindi
Turtuk Kid

Mother and that cute baby.

Balti women are hardworking. They take care of children, most of them works in their own farms and fields, other works as labor at near by construction sites. Men take care of shreds and work as porters.

Those who don’t own any farm, they work as labor at the construction sites.

Turtuk Waterfall

Waterfall near Turtuk, several others exists here which ultimately meets Shyok river.

Turtuk Pond

Water pool for irrigation and house hold utility.


Children having fun in the water pool.


Zero night life, but full of incredible views above your head.

It is a remote area with accessibility issues. Turtuk receives barely 3 hours of electricity every evening. While that causes hardships to the people here, it also has a positive spin off. One can witness incredible views of a starry sky just by stepping out of one’s house. 

It is truly a piece of paradise existing in a desolate, barren valley.




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